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Make a 'hole' lot of memories at Donut Life Museum in Westminster.

Experience the newest and sweetest adventure where an art installation celebrates everything and anything donuts.

Whether it's for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, the Donut Life Museum located inside Westminster Mall in Southern California's Orange County will spike your imagination with a sugar rush of multi-sensory immersive rooms.

"When I look at a donut, it kind of reminds me of the circle of life," explained Kathy Ly, one of three co-founders of the Donut Life Museum. "I took some of life's most significant moments, and I told it all through the world of donuts."

The former Payless mall store was completely transformed into a unique and creative space where donut enthusiasts explore a labyrinth of rooms paying homage to the pastry treat.

"You start out in the international room, then move to the baby room where everyone starts out. Then, the classroom; then moving into the nature room; then finding love in the love room," said co-founder Brian Ross with Donut Life Museum. "So, all that put together makes it the donut hole."

COVID-19 has changed the way visitors experience art installations.

"When you're here at the exhibit, you're not in the room with any strangers, and then we also implemented some safety protocols," Ly told Localish.

Aside from keeping groups physically separated, other efforts include face mask recommendations, temperature checks, shoe coverings, and surface cleaning as people move through exhibits.

"Everything is clean, and it's just such a great environment. It's just so beautiful and exciting - and it's just amazing," said young actress and content creator Reese Warren.

"All the rooms are great," said Reese's mom, Tonya Warren. "My favorite room was the nature room with plants and flowers."

The Donut Life Museum is now open and taking reservations. Guests can book for private events or sign up for DIY classes such as donut-making.

"Food is life. It's that experience that brings us all together. It doesn't matter what language you speak or where you're from," said Alix Luu, co-founder of Donut Life Museum.


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