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Prison Escapees caught

The three inmates who orchestrated a brazen escape from the Men’s Central Jail in Orange County have finally been caught a week later. The three men appeared in court today on additional charges that are related to the breakout. The three men were initially charged with a felony count of escape, but more were added on when investigators learned about what they did when they were out of jail. They have also been charged with stealing a vehicle and kidnapping to commit robbery. After the three gentlemen escaped they called a cag and were picked up in Westminster. They told the driver to take them to a Target department store in Westminster and another one in Rosemead, and later to drive them to a nearby home. At all three of the places, the three men robbed customers and the owner of the home at the last place. Police were finally able to find the men after a witness noticed the men that were all over the tv at a local liquor store. The police immediately got to the location and surround the three men and put them back into custody. Thanks to the help of a witness, the three dangerous men will no longer roam free to cause terror.


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