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Westminster man convicted of murder

A westminster man was convicted of gunning down a former friend who had attacked him during a heated argument in front of an apartment complex earlier this month. After days of delibetation, an Orange County Superior Court found the man guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of his friend in a Westminster residential neighborhood. The sister of the victim cried when the verdict was read in the courtroom and were relieved that justice was served. The whole argument started from suspicion that the victim was trying to hook up with the suspects girlfriend. The argument then escalated, at which point, the suspect pulled out a weapon and shot the victim after a short brawl between the two. The police arrested the suspect the next day and he claimed that it was self defense, but since he did not call the cops immediately after the incident, the jury found him guilty of murder. Police have yet to release the suspects sentence to the public but the man is going to at least serve one life term in prison.

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