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Westminster Courthouse

westminster superior court

The West Justice Center is the primary location for all of the cases that originate from the Westminster Police Department. The West Justice Center is located at 8141 13th Street Westminster, CA 92683, which resides in Orange County. Whenever a person is arrested in the city of Westminster, they will have to attend their court date at this courthouse whether they want to plead innocent or plead guilty.


This facility handles more than just criminal cases from the Westminster Police Department, it also handles traffic case, civil cases, and small claims cases. The men and women working at the West Justice Center rely on great communication between each other in order to ensure that all of the cases are moving through the system efficiently with no delay. This is to make sure that the people using the courthouse are happy, which will then make the workers happy because nobody is complaining about the service. Some of the departments that are found in this courthouse include Appeals division, Civil division, Collections division, Criminal, Division, Family Court Services, Family division, Jury Services, Juvenile division, Small Claims division, and the Traffic and Infractions division. Each one of these divisions is responsible for a certain part of each case that is sent to this courthouse. Safety is a really big concern for everyone that has to work in a big building with random people coming in and out of it every day, which is why you will notice that you will have to walk through a metal detector when you walk into the courthouse to make sure that you do not have any weapons on you. This ensures that everyone inside the courthouse is safe at all times.


Anybody with anything that is considered a weapon, no matter how harmless it may seem, will not be permitted to enter the courthouse for any reason. To secure the safety of the courthouse, there is ever a police department located inside for emergencies and acts the general security division for the courthouse. Police are brought from the Westminster Police Department to the courthouse. Do not mistake them for being regular security guards because they have all of the training of every officer out in the field and are prepared for any situation that may occur while the courthouse is open. They are also responsible for the supervision of all inmates that have to attend court at the West Justice Center. The courthouse also relies on the community for its decision-making such as when people are called for jury duty.


This is a chance for members of the community to contribute to the justice system by helping decide on a case and whether the person is guilty or not. The members of the courthouse urge people to visit this courthouse and become more familiar with it and how it works so that you could understand the justice system a little better.

West Justice Center

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