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How Bail Bonds Work In Westminster, CA.

westminster bail bonds

When someone is arrested in the city of Westminster, they will most likely be taken to the Westminster jail located at 8200 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683. As soon as the defendant arrives at the jail, he or she will be met by an officer on duty and the officer will give the inmate a change of clothes and will document all of his or her belongings in order to put them away for safekeeping for the remainder of time that the inmate spends at the jail.


Once that initial step is completed, the jailer will then call up the inmate and gather all of his or her personal information to identify the inmate in the future. This step is also used to document who is in the jail and will be used as bail information for the bail bond. The next step in the process of being arrested is for the inmate to have his or her fingerprints scanned via the LiveScan Machine, which is a machine that is directly connected to the Department of Justice.


This machine will determine if the inmate has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any other agency in the U.S. The jailer will not be able to clear any inmate for bail until he or she has received the results from the fingerprint scan. This means that our bail bondsmen will not be able to post the bond at the jail until the inmate has been cleared by the jailer. However, once you call one of our bondsmen at Westminster Bail Bonds, he or she will be in constant contact with the jailer to determine all of the bail information and to find out the inmate is cleared for bail. While our expert bondsman waits for your loved one to be cleared for bail, he or she will set up a time and place for you two to meet so that you could fill out all of the paperwork for the bail bond.


The paperwork may seem extremely difficult at first, but our agent will explain the entire process to you and will walk you through the paperwork to make sure that there is no confusion about any of the information in the paperwork. When all of the paperwork is filled out and the inmate is cleared for bail, our agent at Bail Bonds Westminster will immediately post the bond at the jail to ensure that the inmate is released from jail as soon as possible.


Once the inmate is released from the jail, our agent will meet with you at the jail and fill out some more paperwork for the inmate. After all of that paperwork is completed, our agent will hand one of you an official bail bonds receipt, which will contain all of the inmate’s court information that he or she will need for the future. It is extremely important that the defendant shows up to all of his or her court dates on time or the court will issue a warrant for his or her arrest. As long as the defendant shows up to his or her court dates, then you will not need to worry about the court issuing any warrants for his or her arrest.

Westminster Bail Bonds.

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